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Cannabis Trimming Service by Hand or Machine Trimming in Los Angeles, California


Premier Cannabis Hand Trimming and Cannabis machine trimming operator headquartered in Los Angeles and operating everywhere in California!

Revolutionizing Cannabis Genetics with CRISPR

Trusted by top private and public cannabis companies, we recognize that every grow has its own set of post-harvest challenges and needs. Our team is dedicated to help your grow reach its full potential.

Our Cannabis Hand Trimming & Cannabis Hand Trimming Services Includes


Serving Los Angeles and the entire state of California, we accommodate a wide variety of clients, from small-scale boutique indoor grows to extensive indoor/outdoor farming operations, setting a new standard for exceptional, hand-trimmed products!

Harvest Solutions sets the standard in cannabis hand trimming by employing the following strategies:

Attracting and retaining skilled trimmers: Harvest Solutions recruits the best talent in the industry, ensuring that they work with experienced and highly skilled professionals who are dedicated to their craft.

Training and development: The company invests in ongoing training and skill development for their team, ensuring that trimmers are up-to-date with the latest techniques and best practices in cannabis hand trimming.

Quality control and attention to detail: Harvest Solutions prioritizes quality and precision in their trimming process, ensuring that each cannabis bud is carefully manicured to preserve its aesthetic appeal and potency.

Customized solutions: The company recognizes that each client has unique needs and preferences, so they offer tailored services that cater to the specific requirements of each grow, whether it’s a small boutique operation or a large-scale commercial farm.

Compliance and safety: The company adheres to all local and state regulations related to cannabis cultivation, processing, and handling, ensuring a safe working environment for their trimmers and a compliant product for their clients.

By implementing these strategies, Harvest Solutions sets the standard for high-quality cannabis hand trimming, helping growers achieve the best possible results for their products.


Concerned about the quality of machine trimmed cannabis? We understand! That’s why we’ve collaborated with Mobius to develop a unique process that gently machine trims your product before each bud is meticulously hand-polished using our patent-pending workstations. Transform your inventory into premium-grade flower in just days instead of weeks!

As passionate veterans in the cannabis industry, we were initially skeptical about any trimming machine claiming to offer “hand trimmed quality.” However, after countless hours of experimentation, we successfully developed a process flow and design system capable of processing hundreds of pounds of flower in a single shift. This method not only maximizes yield but also delivers the highly sought-after hand trimmed visual appeal!


We specialize in providing last-minute post-harvest assistance – from equipment setup and training to outsourcing your bucking and trimming requirements to our expert team – we’re available to support you around the clock, 24/7!

Delegate your operations to us! Whether you need part-time, “as-needed” assistance or full-time support, we’ve got you covered. Our skilled technicians will save you time, money, and alleviate stress. Focus on what you’re passionate about, and entrust your post-harvest needs to our capable hands!

Why choose us for your Marijuana hand-trimming needs?

First and foremost – we are skilled professionals with performance driven work ethic, transparency and attention to detail! As cannabis growers and operators, with years of experience in the industry, we understand the stringent requirements of the cannabis market and our services allow you to penetrate any market vertical with ease and confidence at highest price point.

Revolutionizing Cannabis Genetics with CRISPR



hand trimming

Hand Trimming on the Stem · Minimum lbs required and location of services will determine final rates.

Machine Trim · Minimum lbs required and location of services will determine final rates.

Machine Trim/Hand Finish 

Other Services:
Bucking, Sorting, Packaging, Pre-Roll
Call for Pricing

For all other value added services such as operations and equipment set up – please email us at info@harvestsolutionsusa.com or call us at 888-NUG-TRIM (888-684-8746)

*Pricing subject to change based on volume, location and variable costs.


“Harvest Solutions is a trusted training partner, helping other end users get the most out of their Mobius equipment, in terms of both quality and throughput. We enjoy working with them and would recommend them to anyone seeking post harvest advice and/or services. ”

-Amanda, Mobius Trimmer

“We felt that Richie was a great trainer he was very thorough. He took the machine apart showed us each part and explained everything. Thank you for sending him.”

-Lisa Jordan, Processing Manager

Sirah Naturals, Inc

“We have enjoyed a working relationship with Harvest Solutions. We find them, reliable, professional and have taught our team a great deal. We have been able to improve our efficiencies and our end results.”

-Neil Ruditsky, Chief Operating Officer



For more info on what we offer, please email us at info@harvestsolutionsusa.com 


call us at 888-NUG-TRIM (888) 684-8746

Do you provide services anywhere in the US?

We provide trimming services only in California but offer consulting and operational services to all duly licensed cannabis facilities in the U.S.

Can you come to our grow and provide services on site?

Yes – we can come to your licensed facility and bring all necessary personnel and equipment.

Do you specialize in machine or hand trim?

We specialize in both as well as a combination of machine/hand finish on our proprietary worktables.

Do you offer general consulting services?

Yes – we offer bespoke solutions to fit your needs.

Can you assist with co-packing and distribution?

Yes, we can assist with co-packing and distribution through our network of trusted partners.