Harvest Solutions trimming in LA




For more info on what we offer, please email us at info@harvestsolutionsusa.com or call us at 888-NUG-TRIM (888) 684-8746)


Do you provide services anywhere in the US?

We provide trimming services only in California but offer consulting and operational services to all duly licensed cannabis facilities in the U.S.

Can you come to our grow and provide services on site?

Yes – we can come to your licensed facility and bring all necessary personnel and equipment.

Do you specialize in machine or hand trim?

We specialize in both as well as a combination of machine/hand finish on our proprietary worktables.

Do you offer general consulting services?

Yes – we offer bespoke solutions to fit your needs.

Can you assist with co-packing and distribution?

Yes, we can assist with co-packing and distribution through our network of trusted partners.