Harvest Solutions trimming in LA

The advantages of trimming cannabis on the stem

Trimming cannabis on the stem refers to the process of removing leaves and other unwanted plant material while the plant is still attached to its main stem. This method of trimming has several advantages, including: Better handling: Trimming on the stem allows you to grip the plant by the stem while you trim. This reduces…

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hand trimmed nugs

Comparison of hand trimming vs. machine trimming of cannabis

Hand Trimming: Time-consuming: Hand trimming takes longer than machine trimming since each bud must be individually trimmed by hand. Precision: Hand trimming allows for more precision since the trimmer can carefully select which parts of the bud to trim and which to leave intact. Quality: Hand trimming is generally considered to produce…

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Drying cannabis

Drying cannabis properly is crucial for preserving its flavor, potency, and overall quality. Here is a step-by-step guide to properly dry cannabis: Harvesting: Begin by harvesting the cannabis plants when they are ready. The ideal time is when most of the trichomes have turned milky white or amber, and the pistils have darkened and curled…

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The optimal time to harvest your cannabis plants

The best time to harvest your cannabis plants depends on several factors, including the strain, the climate, and your personal preferences for potency and flavor. Here are some general guidelines to help you determine the best time to harvest: Trichome color: The most accurate way to determine if your cannabis plant is ready for harvest…

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